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Celebrating 25 Years in 2020!


Balanced Physique welcomes you to our boutique approach to health and wellness where your needs are front and center.  Since 1995, we have provided private, individually tailored programs guided by our team of exceptional teachers for clients in the peninsula and Stanford communities and beyond.  We offer in-home personal training, yoga, Pilates, massage, equipment selection and more.

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Services We Offer


Personal Training

Strength, core and cardiovascular conditioning, breathing, use of bands, balls, rings, etc., indoor and outdoor, adaptive exercise for those living with a variety of challenges or post-physical therapy, pool exercise, stretching, posture training, overall balancing of the body, and more.

The Balanced Physique Approach

You are the Focus

From teens to 80's and beyond, we create your custom program to help you feel your best!  After an initial phone interview and health history review, we create your client profile, begin a dialogue with our team members and thoughtfully match you with just the right teacher or massage therapist and your journey begins.  Teacher selection is one of the most important parts of our process.  We assess, take our time and select your teacher or massage therapist very deliberately.

Sessions take place in the privacy of your home on your preferred schedule.  Incorporating your health history, fitness and wellness goals and communicating with your doctor or physical therapist when necessary, we ensure a collaborative and safe development of your program. 

We have a particular specialty in working with the mature population.  We understand that our bodies change over time and finding just the right activity and teacher can be a challenging task with the many options available to us today.  We listen to your concerns, address your needs one by one and develop your personalized program meeting you where you are today.  We take the uncertainty out of how to go about the process of enhancing your health and fitness safely and effectively with our individualized approach.

Whether you are new to exercise, yoga, Pilates or massage, living with a chronic condition, or have exercised your whole life our team is ready and well equipped to serve you!


The Balanced Physique Team

Experience . . . Integrity . . . Motivation

Our Balanced Physique Team is truly superb.  Our highly educated professionals have many years of experience and have been with Balanced Physique for decades in some cases.  This kind of workplace longevity is rare in our dynamic world and we are proud of our talented professionals.  Together, we are your "Executive Health and Fitness Team".  Our team of teachers is Experienced and Certified in the fields of:

Personal Training

Yoga, Meditation, Proper Breathing

Pilates, Posture Training


Equipment Selection

Our teachers utilize cutting edge technology and techniques to enhance your sessions as well as tried and true modalities . . . whatever is best suited to YOU!

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You become what you repeat . . . smile more and feel happier; close your eyes, take a deep breath and become calmer; exercise, move your body and become stronger and more fit!!!  Don't wait another minute - this is your life - take care of you!


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